Love and loyalty: 10 signs you have a faithful and loyal partner

Love, communication, trust, honesty, and intimacy are frequently cited as the cornerstones of a successful relationship. Loyalty in a relationship is also important for a healthy and positive bond. Lack of commitment or cheating are signs of low loyalty, but unwavering devotion to your partner goes beyond fidelity. It is about staying committed to your partner, even when you two are up against challenges. It is not about giving up on them during the ups and downs of life. Wondering if you have a loyal partner? Know the signs to know if you have a loyal partner.

Why is loyalty important in a relationship?

Loyalty is an underappreciated attribute that also merits praise, says
psychotherapist and life coach Dr Chandni Tugnait. During a 2019 review published in the Epidemiology and Health journal, loyalty was found to be one of the most important factors that led to stable, and long-term marriages.

A happy woman with a loyal partner
Loyalty is important for a long-term relationship. Image courtesy: Freepik

Here’s why loyalty is important:

1. Mutual inspiration

When partners are confident in each other’s steadfast support, they are more inclined to pursue growth, whether it is in their personal, professional, or shared aspirations. They won’t be worrying that the strain of constructive change will weaken their relationship.

2. Genuine vulnerability

Loyalty that is authentic allows partners to be open and honest about their flaws. It also lets them rely on each other in the face of adversity without fear of their vulnerabilities being used against them, says the expert.

3. Unwavering trust

It is deep trust that supports closeness, open communication, and a constantly reviving sense of security in the longevity of the relationship. This drives away damaging uncertainty and fear. Loyalty is what keeps two lives together through good times and bad ones with a stabilising power.

What are the signs of a loyal partner?

Here are some ways to know if you have a loyal partner:

1. Commitment

Even in difficult times, a faithful partner gives their all to the relationship. When things get hard, they don’t consider quitting or cheating, says Dr Tugnait. They stay committed to you and the relationship.

2. Consistent behaviour

Being loyal goes beyond words. A faithful spouse keeps their word as well as commitments. Their consistent behaviour over time demonstrates their devotion toward the relationship.

3. Sets relationship priorities

A faithful partner places a high value on maintaining their relationship. They take care to provide the relationship quality time and attention in order to make it stronger and better.

4. Honest and open communication

Trust and loyalty go hand-in-hand. Even while discussing touchy subjects, you will notice no illusions or falsehoods if your partner is loyal. They will be honest while communicating with you.

A happy woman with a loyal partner
A loyal partner prefers honest and open communication. Image courtesy: Freepik

5. Protection

A faithful companion will be always by your side. Even when things get tough, they will stand up for you and never say anything negative about you. They will do everything to make sure you feel protected.

6. Respectful boundaries

Despite the intense devotion, a faithful partner doesn’t try to stifle or exert control over their spouse. Instead, they respect appropriate personal and healthy boundaries, says the expert.

7. Future-focused

Having a loyal attitude means having an eye towards creating a future with the partner. A loyal partner will share dreams and long-term objectives in life with you. Be it about owning a house or having a child, they will share their future plans with you.

8. Unwavering support

A faithful relationship offers a strong base of unrestricted emotional support during good and bad times. Loyal partners are like personal cheerleaders who are  always there to provide encouragement.

9. Protects privacy

A faithful partner will do everything in their power to protect intimate information and the specifics of the relationship. They will not share the details of the relationship with others.

10. Acknowledges imperfections

Genuine loyalty involves accepting a partner’s shortcomings as well as their positive traits. It comes as a package, says the expert. They will acknowledge imperfections without criticising.

How to build loyalty in a relationship?

It takes both partners to commit to one another and to consistently put effort to build loyalty in a relationship.

  • Establishing and sustaining honest and open communication
  • Nurturing a trusting atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable sharing their ideas, emotions, and worries without fear of repercussions
  • Prioritising quality time spent together despite hectic schedules strengthens the bonds of loyalty by instilling a sense of worth and appreciation
  • Unwavering support for one another, particularly in trying times
  • Respecting individual limits.

Are there drawbacks of loyalty in a relationship?

Most people consider loyalty to be a good quality in a partner. But if it is used carelessly or excessively, it may have negative effects, says the expert. Allowing poisonous or abusive conduct from a relationship is one disadvantage of misplaced loyalty. Unwavering loyalty in the face of mistreatment can stop a person from leaving a harmful environment or make the required changes. For remaining faithful to the partnership, partners may feel compelled to compromise their own wants, objectives, or morals. With time, this may cause animosity. Genuine devotion ought to permit both parties to pursue their own interests.

Loyalty is important for a healthy relationship, but it should be based on regard for one another, and mutual care.

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