Best kojic acid serum for face: Top 6 picks

K-beauty is the talk of the town worldwide. Everyone wants glowing and clear skin like their favourite K-drama actors or K-pop idols. So, if you are looking for an easy yet effective beauty product that gives you natural glowing skin, try using kojic acid serum for the face. Kojic acid is a potent antioxidant and brightening substance obtained from mushroom fermentation. It prevents abnormal or excessive pigment formation while reducing discolouration, unlike other acids that exfoliate the skin by breaking the connections between its cells. It is also known to have antioxidant properties, which aid in the self-healing of our skin cells against the damaging effects of oxidative stress, pollution, and UV radiation. Here are some of the best kojic acid serums for the face handpicked for you!

6 best kojic acid face serum you must try

Check out the best kojic acid face serum for glowing skin.

1. Pilgrim 2% Kojic Acid Serum for face

This kojic acid serum from Pilgrim effectively lightens dark spots and reduces acne marks for visibly clearer skin. It helps to fight stubborn pigmentation with an expertly crafted powerful blend of 2 percent Kojic Acid and 1 percent Alpha Arbutin. It also helps to even skin tone with the potent combination of Kojic Acid, Alpha Arbutin, Niacinamide, and gentle PHAs. Moreover, it is suitable for all skin types and age groups.


2. DERMATOUCH Kojic Acid 2% Serum

Dermatouch Kojic Acid 2% Serum is the most effective technique to treat sun-induced hyperpigmentation. The serum works as an ideal formula to lessen undesirable pigmentation and skin discolouration by inhibiting tyrosinase activity and melanin formation. This serum, which has been dermatologist-tested, also helps to brighten and nourish the skin by creating a shield against UV rays and environmental stress.


3. Ozoneveda 5% Kojic Acid Serum

This kojic acid serum from Ozoneveda comes with the goodness of 5 percent kojic acid, 1 percent alpha arbutin, vitamin E, zinc oxide, and many more. This serum is designed to reduce acne marks. Plus, this brightening face serum for glowing skin is effective in fading any blemish on the skin. The formula nourishes the skin cells resulting in a noticeably glossy glow. It is gentle and light on your face, thanks to its quick-absorbing formula that is effective for all skin types.


4. Muggu Skincare Koji Drops Face Serum with 2% Kojic Acid

This face serum from Muggu Skincare is formulated with a potent blend of kojic acid, alpha arbutin, and mulberry extract, designed to target and reduce the appearance of dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone. It helps to fade existing dark spots and prevents new ones from forming, resulting in a glowing complexion. It is suitable for various skin types and tones. Its gentle formula ensures that you can achieve a more luminous and even complexion without harsh side effects, making it an ideal choice for daily use in your skincare routine.


5. Dermacells 5% Kojic Acid Face Serum

This Kojic acid face serum from Dermacells contains kojic acid, alpha-arbutin, mono-propylene glycol, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E. This protective antioxidant brightens skin and neutralises the damage caused due to pollution, UV rays, smoke, and toxic chemical elements. It is suitable for various skin types and tones.


6. The Derma Co 2% Kojic Acid Face Serum

This kojic acid face serum from Derma Co is free from mineral oil, dye, parabens, and sulfates, this serum for pigmentation has a safe and effective formulation. This serum helps to fight pigmentation, fades dark spots, and improves skin discolouration. It’s suitable for all skin types and tones. Moreover, the products go through strict testing to ensure they are safe for use.


Benefits of kojic acid serums for face

Here are some of the best kojic acid serums for the face:

1. May reduce hyperpigmentation

The ability of kojic acid to effectively lighten and decrease hyperpigmentation is one of its most notable effects. It promotes a more uniform complexion by preventing the formation of melanin, the pigment that causes age spots, dark patches, and uneven skin tone, according to a study published in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery.

2. May reduce acne scars

Acne scars can also be lighter in appearance over time with the help of kojic acid’s skin-lightening abilities. It helps to encourage cell turnover, which makes room for new skin to grow and progressively reduces the prominence of acne scars, according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine.

3. May give glowing skin

Kojic acid use regularly helps brighten the complexion overall. It gives you a healthier and more radiant shine by removing damaged and dull skin cells to reveal a fresher layer of skin, according to a study published in the journal of MDPI.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to use kojic acid serum for face?

  • Make sure to tone and cleanse your face.
  • Take 2 to 3 droplets of the serum between your hands, then lightly tap the area to apply.
  • Evenly distribute and let the serum absorb.

Can I mix Vitamin C with kojic acid?

Vitamin C is one component that works well with kojic acid. These potent components work together to enhance the antioxidant and skin-brightening benefits. Collagen is promoted and melanin formation is further inhibited by vitamin C.

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